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ADHD: Parent Empowerment & Skills Training

Specially developed programme for parents of children 6 to 12 years affected by an Attention Deficit Disorder and associated conditions.

Routines Workshop - HARWICH

The aim of this workshop is to help parents set up predictable routines for their children for calmer, happier households. Parents will create bedtime and morning routines, including ways of separating from their children which will help the children feel safe and secure.

Halloween Craft Workshop - CLACTON

Halloween Craft Workshop Friday 31 October 1-2.30pm Coastal Community Centre, Pathfields Road Support your child's development through play. Come and join us for a fun afternoon with lots of spooky craft ideas to make with your children. Free refreshments All children welcome

Halloween Craft Workshop - HARWICH

Halloween Craft Workshop Wednesday 29th October1-2.30pmWindmill Children's Centre, Mayes Lane, Harwich Support your child's development through play. Come and join us for a fun afternoon with lots of spooky craft ideas to make with your children. Free refreshmentsAll children welcome

Managing Anger - JAYWICK

The course aims to help parents/carers to understand anger is a natural emotion that we feel when we are threatened, hurt or frustrated. Participants will examine their own individual triggers to anger and the effects this has on thoughts, physical reactions and behaviour. Participants will look at ...

Step by Step Primary - HARWICH

Step by Step Primary is open to all parents of children aged 4-11 years. This 9 week programme aims to help parents develop positive relationships with their child; increase confidence in handling children's behaviour and help parents to make good links with their child's school. The topics covered...

Tuning in to Teens, Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

Tuning into Teens is a parenting programme that helps teenagers to understand and regulate their emotions. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and control our emotions as well as being able to communicate to others about how we feel. Teenagers with good Emotional Intellligence often ...

Tuning in to Kids, Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

Evidence-based Parenting Course using Mindfulness and Emotion Coaching
Parenting courses 1-8 of 22