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Building Confidence - CLACTON

This 9 week course is for parents/carers who wish to improve their emotional health and wellbeing. The course will help parents/carers to understand what it is to be confident, discover what makes people feel confident and will help and encourage you to build your own confidence. It will also cover ...

Managing Anger - HARWICH

This five week course is for parents/carers who wish to learn more about anger and how to manage it in themselves and other people. The course aims to help parents/carers to understand anger is a natural emotion that we feel when we are threatened, hurt or frustrated. Participants will examine their...

Incredible Years School Readiness - CLACTON

This 4 week programme aims to give parents/carers the skills to help prepare their children for school. Topics covered: Child-directed play Strengthening Children's social, emotional, problem solving and academic skills Interactive reading

Time Out for Parents 5

An informal and relaxed course includes these sessions:- What children really need Developing Emotional Security Setting Loving Limits Keeping Children Safe Problem Solving Sessions are around 2 hours long, promote discussion around the topics covered and group work.

Tuning in to Kids, Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

Evidence-based Parenting Course using Mindfulness and Emotion Coaching

Passionate about Parenting training for volunteer facilitators

Training for volunteer facilitators in facilitation skills and knowledge of family life. At various locations across the Uk and Ireland, 3 days residential or 4 days non residential. Volunteers should have on going support in place or be offering the groups for Mothers' Union.

Time Out for Parents

Informal and relaxed interactive sessions. Encouraging discussion and exchange of ideas. Sessions include: What children really need Developing Emotional Security Setting Loving Limits Keeping Children Safe Problem Solving

"Night Night Sleep Tight" An interactive talk for parents to help them and their child have a good night sleep

Most parents have read varying advice on how to help thier child have a good sleep. The biggest challenge is to implement the stategies in a kind and loving way for both parent and child. Catherine is a highly specialist child and adolescent nurse and offers a 90 minute talk, giving strategies ...
Parenting courses 1-8 of 15