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Talking about sex & relationships with teenagers

Come and hear from a Parenting Consultant on how to cope with the issue of discussing sex and relationships with your teenager. Studies prove that children who can discuss these matters with their children are less likely to become teenage parents or engage in promiscuous behaviour.

'Heading to Exclusion'

Is your child in danger of being permanently excluded from school? does he/she have behavioural difficulties? Want some advice, tips and encouragement? Then book up today and get the knowledge and help you need.

Managing Angry Teenagers

The teenage years can be tricky to manage. Come along and hear about practical tips for managing angry or disruptive teens. Fun and interactive workshop.

0 to 6 months: a crash course in having a baby

The only antenatal course teaching fist time parents to prepare themselves for the baby - makes no reference to labour so goes hand in hand with traditional antenatal classes. Award winning, social enterprise which puts people before profit.

The Nurturing Programme - Central and South West London

The programme covers the following topics: Giving praise; The question of discipline, time out to calm down; Family rules, rewards and penalties; Personal power, self-esteem, choices and consequences; Feelings and what to do with them, communicating clearly, using "I" statements; Kinds of to...

Siblings Without Rivalry - Central and South West London

This course is based on the acclaimed book by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish entitled "Siblings Without Rivalry". Topics covered: Helping siblings deal with their feelings about each other; Keeping children separate and unequal; Siblings in roles; When the kids fight; Problem solving; A fina...

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen - Central and South West London

This course is based on the acclaimed book by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish entitled "How To Talk So Kids Will Listen". Topics covered: Helping children deal with their feelings; Engaging children's cooperation; Finding alternatives to punishment; Encouraging autonomy; Praising children: Fr...
Parenting courses 1-7 of 7