Our work

Parenting UK, part of Family Lives, is a national membership body for the parenting workforce. Parenting support makes a proven difference to family life and children’s outcomes, and our role in helping practitioners is key.
We support our members to be more effective by providing expertly tailored information about news and training, producing specialist events and resources, and by being a strong public voice on the importance of good parenting and the role of parenting support services.

At the heart of everything we do are our members and the families they help. Parenting can be tough at times, with the right help at the right time, the lives
of parents, carers and children can be transformed.


Parenting UK provides the following services to members

  • Email updates (2 per month) covering the latest developments and opportunities in the sector
  • Parenting resource library: our collection of over 2,700 resources related to parenting education and support, including the primary UK collection of parent and practitioner training programmes
  • Information and enquiry service: we can assist you with quick queries or more in depth information checks
  • Reduced rates on all Parenting UK events   and a number of free publications
  • Promote your work by listing your parenting courses and professional training on our website
  • List your job vacancies to an audience of parenting professionals throughout the country
  • National Occupational Standards (NOS) for working with parents, and other materials. You can download the NOS free from our website.

If you are a parent looking for information and resources, please visit our Parent Portal


Our strategic aims


1. Improve the performance of the parenting workforce through membership
support and development

Parenting UK is the only membership body for those working with parents and carers and we will improve the performance of the parenting workforce by providing quality support to our members through tailored information, events, training and by facilitating the sharing of best practice and knowledge.

2. Raise awareness of the importance of good parenting among the general public
and the media

Parenting UK will champion the role of parents and carers in improving outcomes for children and the wider social and financial benefits to society as a whole. We believe parenting should be seen as the most important job in the world. We will promote a more positive image of parenting in the media and the role it plays in giving children the best possible start in life, increasing their chances of a good education and a positive role in the future.

3. Increase the understanding of policy and decision makers by representing the knowledge, expertise and views of parenting practitioners

Parenting UK is the voice for the parenting workforce. We regularly attend government and sector roundtables, seminars and working groups on issues ranging from helping parents talk to their children about alcohol, the steering group for the Family Nurse Partnership trial, the early childhood forum and many more.

4. Promote collaboration, increased resources for practitioners, and best practice across the parenting sector

Parenting UK is well placed to fulfil this aim through our connections with the workforce and other relevant organisations.

5. Ensure Parenting UK is operating with robust management infrastructure

Parenting UK is committed to being as efficient and effective as possible both in what we do and how we do it. Over the next five years we will maximise the efficiency of our internal systems.

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