Information for commissioners


The CANparent quality mark sets out what organisations need to have in place in order to prove that they are delivering quality approved classes based on sound evidence, with strong governance practices, financial and risk management procedures. Coupled with robust systems for training, supervision and measuring and evaluating outcomes. It also lays a path to improvement for those starting off within the sector.

Organisations must be able to demonstrate how their work makes a positive difference in order to bid successfully for public sector contracts. By achieving the CANparent Quality Mark, they prove that they can do this.

The CANparent Quality Mark is the only quality mark that covers the work of all providers of Universal Parenting classes, be they charities or other organisations. No other Quality Mark brings together all the essential areas of having an evidence based approach to delivery, effective governance and engagement with parents. The CANparent Quality Mark can also be used as a way of supporting an organisation’s future development, it can be a framework of something to aspire to. The CANparent Quality Mark allows commissioners a guarantee that an organisation is right and proper to deliver worthwhile and effective solutions to parents.