How parenting classes can benefit employers

Working parents are a significant segment of the workforce - they make up about a third of all UK employees.

It is widely accepted that having children is often the busiest and most stressful part of people’s lives, and juggling work and home commitments often affects employee’s performance at work or their relationship with their employer. Decades of research have shown that stress generated by parenting issues at home can reduce parental productivity at work and that stress generated by issues in the workplace has a negative effect on family life and parenting style leading to increased child behaviour problems.  This is brought further to life in a recent survey which suggested that up to 90% of working parents find balancing work and parenting stressful, with 85% stating that parenting support at work should be made available.

Research shows that parenting education and support in the workplace can help parents to manage family issues before they turn into problems that might affect their workplace performance. The employers of parents who get support via parenting classes can reap huge benefits in terms of productivity, workplace attendance, employee retention, morale and confidence. 

As an employer you can make use of the developing market of parenting support to source a suitable package for your staff and/or explore options for the future.