The Nurturing Programme - Central and South West London

Provider: Anastasia Seale Infinity Parent Coaching
Location: London
Start date: Ongoing
Course length: 10 weeks
Price: Various
Qualification: Parent Group Leader
Contact: Anastasia Seale - 07909 918 248

The programme covers the following topics:

  1. Giving praise;
  2. The question of discipline, time out to calm down;
  3. Family rules, rewards and penalties;
  4. Personal power, self-esteem, choices and consequences;
  5. Feelings and what to do with them, communicating clearly, using "I" statements;
  6. Kinds of touch, nurturing ourselves;
  7. Ages and stages in children's development, helping children grow up;
  8. Issues around sex, helping children stay safe;
  9. Behaviour to ignore, problem-solving and negotiating;
  10. Continuing the family journey.

Courses are run on an on-going basis. Please visit for specific course dates.