Annual Conference: Parenting and the recession - exploring how economic disadvantage affects parenting style and child outcomes

MWB, 10 Grey Coat Place, London SW1P 1SB Map
Parenting UK
15 November 2012


This conference will discuss strategic and practical solutions for supporting parents during recession and reducing the impact on parenting style. The afternoon will also include practical sessions on ensuring practitioners understand the impact of the recession on parents; proving what you do works to help survive the recession and other helpful topics. The day will close with Parenting Question Time where delegates can ask the panel about the important parenting topics of the day. 

The Rt Hon Frank Field MP will be offering an exclusive insight at Parenting UK’s annual conference into his plans to pilot the recommendations set out in his report on poverty and life chances in his Birkenhead constituency. The Review conducted by Mr Field on behalf of the Government set out a strategy to prevent the gap between richer and poorer children emerging, recognising that children’s life chances are most heavily predicated on their development in the first five years of life. The Review proposed using new indicators of life chances to run alongside existing child poverty measures, however the Government has not taken up these recommendations.


9.30-10.00      Registration and refreshments

10.00-10.10    Welcome and Opening Notes by Chair

10.10-10.40    Key Note Speaker: The Rt Hon Frank Field MP - piloting an anti-poverty plan        

10.40-11.00    Poverty and parenting - how does poverty impact on parenting style?
                      Dr Sam Royston, Poverty and Early Years Policy Adviser, Children's Society

11.00-11.20    Prolonged poverty and the effect on child outcomes
                      Dr Elizabeth Jones, Research Officer, Millennium Cohort Study

11.20-11.30    Q and A

11.30-11.50    Break

11.50-13.00    Parenting in a recession panel discussion: around the effects of recession and
                      poverty on parenting, what society should be doing to support parents and prevent
                      damaging long-term effects
                      Panel: Dr Sam Royston, Prof Lucinda Platt, Pamela Park and keynote speaker

13.00-14.30    Lunch

14.30-15.30    Workshops - delegates can select one of the following options when booking
                      your ticket

                      Workshop 1: Breaking the Bank – Listening to the voices of parents who are 
squeezed and struggling
Leader: Rhian Beynon, Head of Policy and Campaigns, Family Action

                      Workshop 2: The importance of evaluating your service in the current economy
                      Leader: Honor Rhodes, Director of Projects and Strategic Develepment, Tavistock
                      Centre for Couple Relationships

                      Workshop 3: Social impact evaluation tools and associated practical considerations
                      Leader: Marina Svistak, Consultant, NPC

15.30-16.30    Parenting Question Time: with a panel of parenting and family experts 
                       Panelists include: 
     Baroness Massey of Darwen and Eileen Hayes, Parenting Expert, Rhian Beynon, Head of
                      Policy and Campaigns Family Action and Honor Rhodes, Director of Projects and Strategic
                      Development, Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships

                       Please feel free to submit your question for the panel


Please note this programme is subject to change

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