Delivering recovery for looked after children

Location: London
Organiser: Halliwell

Halliwell is the national leader in clinically informed therapeutic care using the Restorative Parenting® practice model.

Halliwell is a social enterprise offering "clinically informed practice" through the medium of education, fostering and residential care. Our objective is to enhance the psychological health of children within the care system. Our Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme is a therapeutic re-parenting programme which focuses on addressing the emotional, behavioural, social and developmental needs of the child.  Our approach sets us apart from standard residential child care providers in that it is clinically informed in every aspect of the child’s lived therapeutic experience with the specific aim of helping traumatised children achieve psychological well being.


Due to the success of our recent CPD events, additional events throughout the UK have now been added. Ideal for professional practitioners in the sector, the events are free, a great opportunity to network and provide a theoretical overview of our Restorative Parenting® practice model as well as a practical understanding of how Halliwell deliver the model to achieve recovery and successful transitions for looked after children.


19th October - London
16th Nov - Leeds
14th Dec - Manchester is an online service designed to support and encourage parents and carers of children aged 5-19, with a collection of videos addressing day-to-day questions and concerns spanning wellbeing, behaviour and learning.