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Publications 17-24 of 25

Supporting parents of teenagers

01 October 2010
Features the Living with Teenagers parenting programme in Derbyshire, and looks at working with the parents of teenage parents.

Parental engagement in secondary schools

01 August 2010
Looks at the work of School Home Support and supporting parents of teenagers

Keeping fathers in the picture

01 June 2010
Features articles by David Bartlett from the Fatherhood Institute and information about the latest training for working with fathers

Working with culturally diverse communities

01 April 2010
Looks at working with parents and practitioners from different cultural backgrounds, and new information about the common core of skills and knowledge

Working with parents with learning disabilities

01 February 2010
Features articles by the Royal Mencap Society and the Government's Green Paper on Families and Relationships

Early intervention in Nottingham

01 December 2009
Features a case study of a Family Intervention Project in Nottingham and the stronger families project supporting victims of domestic violence

Parenting contracts and orders: benefits and outcomes

01 October 2009
Features new research on the cost benefits of early intervention, and looks at lessons learned from education related parenting contracts in Camden

Outcomes for parents

01 August 2009
Focusses on the desired outcomes from parenting support for parents and children
Publications 17-24 of 25 is an online service designed to support and encourage parents and carers of children aged 5-19, with a collection of videos addressing day-to-day questions and concerns spanning wellbeing, behaviour and learning.