Parenting UK launches new scheme to encourage organisations to offer employees parenting workshops


Parenting UK is launching a unique corporate membership to encourage organisations to recognise the importance that family life plays in the lives of their employees. Part of the membership scheme includes free parenting workshops for employees.

Parenting plays such an important part in so many aspects of life that it cannot be ignored. The Government and many experts agree, as can be seen by recent policies around supporting families and the trial to give parents of children under five free parenting classes. The riots of August 2011 also threw a public spotlight on parenting, leading the Prime Minister to state that “family and parenting is where we’ve got to start”.

Parenting UK believes the private sector can play an essential role in supporting their employees in their role as parents, giving them more confidence, improving people skills and wellbeing, as well as boosting employee motivation and reducing the number of work days lost through better family management.

Families today are under great pressure during this time of economic downturn.
A survey carried out in 2011 by Family Lives showed that “90% of respondents believed parents would benefit from advice and information on effective ways of coping with their child’s behaviour”.

Pamela Park, Parenting UK’s chief executive says, “We have already had some big companies show interest in this scheme and we hope that eventually accessing parenting support through the workplace will be the norm.”

Parenting UK’s new and innovative corporate membership scheme will give organisations the tools and resources to support employees in their parenting, one of the most important jobs in the world, and contribute to ensuring all children grow up happy and healthy.


Launch details

Parenting UK is launching the scheme at the House of Commons on Wednesday 29th February 2012 from
hosted by Charles Walker MP and Trustee of Parenting UK.

If you would like to attend or find out more about the scheme please email Layla Moosavi  


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