Parenting UK welcomes Government's parenting classes trial for all parents of children under five


Parenting UK welcomes the recent announcement by Children’s Minister Sarah Teather to pilot the offer of parenting classes to every parent of a child aged under five. It is heartening to see tangible investment backing up the Government’s recognition of the importance of parenting and the early years.

We look forward to hearing more about where these schemes will be run, how they will encourage parents to take up this voluntary offer, and who will provide the support. To ensure success it will be vital to address the issue of stigma which sometimes surrounds parenting support to ensure as many parents as possible benefit from this offer.

Pamela Park, Chief Executive of Parenting UK says, “We greatly hope that this scheme will prove successful in strengthening family life and building strong parent-child relationships. The universal nature of this offer will help to create a more positive culture towards parenting support and ensure wider public recognition that the early years of a child’s life are vitally important in shaping their future.”


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Even the best parents in the world can learn something new - after all, most jobs require some training, and parenting might be the most important one you'll ever do

We talk about when and why you might choose to attend a class, and what it can mean for your child as you learn new skills and gain confidence in your own abilities.

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