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Our series of In Practice Papers covers a range of topics relevant to those working
with parents. The series is updated regularly to support you in providing effective and appropriate parenting services.

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Fathers and Families - new Welsh translation

12 February 2015
New Welsh translation. This is a guide for parenting practitioners to offer tips and support in engaging and working with fathers. Updated in 2014 for the Improving Futures project.
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Fathers and Families

07 April 2014
This is a guide for parenting practitioners to offer tips and support in engaging and working with fathers. Updated in 2014 for the Improving Futures project.

Effective work with hard to reach families

01 April 2013
Families can be very hard to help, they may avoid us, dismiss us or confront us to reject what we are trying to offer or do. This short guide will show you some of the approaches that have been taken in the UK, and elsewhere, that seem to produce a good effect and some of the very practical work we can do, including measuring our effect.
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Understanding Domestic Violence

07 February 2013
This paper is intended to provide family practitioners with a short guide to the issue of domestic violence. It is hoped that they will subsequently be equipped with the necessary information to both recognise the problem and offer a full range of services to those families affected by the issue. The paper will include a brief introduction which will indicate the prevalence of domestic violence within the UK. It will then proceed to examine the ways in which a variety of organisations are dealing with the issue; evaluate the impact that domestic violence has on parenting and within families; followed by a practitioner’s experience and finally provide a comprehensive list of references and resources.
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Family Conflict

01 November 2012
A guide for practitioners on understanding family conflict, including the latest report from 4Children, a focus on the couple relationship and further resources.
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Supporting parents of teenagers

30 March 2012
A guide for practitioners on supporting the parents of teenagers, including the latest research about teenage development and further resources including information about training in programmes to support parents of teenagers and resources for parents themselves.
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Finding and using effective measuring tools

16 February 2012
This paper is designed to help you locate measures to use that are appropriate for your work setting. It will help you think about the practicalities of measuring in your service or centre, and has information about some of the tools listed below and some of their strengths and weaknesses.
working with prisoners families

Working with Prisoners' Families

01 September 2011
A guide for practitioners on identifying families affected by imprisonment in a non-stigmatising way and the type of support they might need. This paper was written by Action for Prisoners' Families and Safe Ground.
Publications 1-8 of 12 is an online service designed to support and encourage parents and carers of children aged 5-19, with a collection of videos addressing day-to-day questions and concerns spanning wellbeing, behaviour and learning.