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Engaging with parents and families

A one-day workshop designed to provide practitioners with an opportunity to explore some of their feelings and attitudes towards working with parents and families, to build up their confidence to do this work. This course has been of particular interest to those workers who now have to work with families as part of their overall practice, such as schools’ staff, Youth Offending Teams and Connexions' staff.

Engaging with parents and families in an extended school setting

Also available is a one-day workshop on 'Engaging with parents in the extended school setting', which includes reviews of case studies and opportunities for action planning.


This is a four-day AptEd Level 2 accredited course for practitioners, to enable and support them to offer a 1:1 befriending approach to family support. It is appropriate for those working a variety of family support roles. It has, in the past been of particular interest to those working in such roles as Teacher Assistants, Education Welfare Officers, Parent Pupil Support Workers to support educational effectiveness.  

Message received

A one-day workshop designed to provide participants with the skills and tools to listen effectively. The workshop looks at how to elicit information and identify needs in addition to where to draw the line between information, advice and counselling.

Using evidence based approaches:

We currently have two courses in this section

1) Working with parents package: Our accredited 'Working with Parents' programme, at AptEd Level 3, is made up of two modules: Supporting parents through group work and Facilitation skills for practitioners and key workers. This is a four-day course designed to develop and enhance participants' skills to enable them to run courses using materials of their own choice.

This course is also offered over 5 days with a package of materials, which will need to be purchased in addition to the training (Parents Together) for direct delivery to families.

N.B. Please be advised that the 'Working with parents package' is NOT affiliated with or part of the City and Guilds 'Work with Parents' course. 

2) Family Lives foundation module: This three-day foundation module has been especially designed and developed by Family Lives for those working with parents of hard to manage 2-12 year old children. It is based on research, Incredible Years programme materials and collaborative styles of parenting education. It covers the rationale for the programme, the scope of application and evidence about its effectiveness. It gives skills and strategies for promoting child development and managing difficult behaviour in one to one work or group work with parents and children.

Getting started module:  This is an additional 4th day 'bolt-on' module which is available to complement the foundation moduleThis module looks at accessibility and inclusion of families, planning and debriefing of sessions, engagement and collaboration with parents, managing the group process, evaluation of outcomes, the project in relation to existing initiatives in your area and a closer look at the programme materials.

Understanding and tackling bullying

A 40-minute, online e-learning course, designed for practitioners and will be of particular interest to those working in an around the school setting. This course is filled with activities and information, giving an insight into why, how and where bullying can take place and what you can do to help tackle it. This course is currently on hiatus.

Positive boundaries

Four half-day workshops for professionals, complementing our Positive Boundaries project direct delivery work with pupils in schools, aiming to  prevent sexual bullying and promote positive gender relationships by challenging attitudes and promoting tolerance, understanding and cohesion between young people.

  • Tackling pornography within youth settings
  • Tackling sexting
  • Gender equality duty, how to tackle sexual and sexist bullying and violence
  • Sexualisation and teenage girls

parentchannel.tv is an online service designed to support and encourage parents and carers of children aged 5-19, with a collection of videos addressing day-to-day questions and concerns spanning wellbeing, behaviour and learning.