Our library of parenting resources was built up in partnership with colleagues at the Family and Parenting Institute and named in honour of Richard Evans, the benefactor of the Artemis Trust, the first funder of Parenting UK. Richard Evans and his late wife, Gai, made an indispensible contribution to making available services that are respectful of parents and children.

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Flying solo: a single parent's adoption story

Personal story of a single woman's experience of adopting.

Every step counts: building a healthy stepfamily

Co produced by Care for the Family, this is a practical guide from anyone living, or planning to live, in a stepfamily.

Talking about adoption to your adopted child.

Practical advice and ideas on talking to an adopted child about their origins.

Eating disorders: a parents' guide (revised edition)

This book, written by experienced clinicians, provides positive sensible advice on a range of eating disturbances in children and adolescents - both boys and girls - and answers many of the questions frequently asked by worried parents.

The Parentalk guide to primary school

Practical advice for parents when their child is in primary school.

Discipline the Brazelton Way

Drs Brazelton and Sparrow offer their unique approach to discipline as well as effective solutions for all the common behaviour problems. Designed to help parents feel more confident and to experience the joy of raising children who learn to discipline themselves.

The Parentalk guide to the toddler years

Down to earth information and advice for parents on how to make the most of this stage of their child's growing up.

The Parentalk guide to your child and sex

An honest and humourous look at how to tell your child what they need to know about sex. From 'What's in all about?' to 'What's the best contraception?' and how far to go and who with, this book helps parents negotiate all their embarrassing questions.
Resources 33-40 of 2772

Start a new search is an online service designed to support and encourage parents and carers of children aged 5-19, with a collection of videos addressing day-to-day questions and concerns spanning wellbeing, behaviour and learning.