There are many sources of funding for parenting education and support projects but it can be complicated, time consuming and frustrating to find the funder that is right for your project. is an online portal to government grants for the voluntary and community sector, now including local, regional and European funding information. It is free for organisations with a turnover less than £500K. The site contains searchable information and downloadable application forms for grants available to the sector. Your Local Authority can also offer advice.

Each local authority now has a Parenting Strategy and a national Parenting Implementation Project is underway. Your local Parenting Commissioner has responsibility to ensure that the right services are provided in the right places locally. Your local Parenting Commissioner may be looking for just the parenting support services that you can provide.

Core funding for coordination and administration of local strategic multi-agency provision should be sought from the main local providers as short term funding on a project basis can undermine local partners' commitment to the strategy and inhibit effective long term planning.

Partnership working is often the key to success - a small voluntary, community or private provider may carry out work as part of a larger project led by a large statutory or voluntary agency - or a statutory agency may find that, to access funding aimed at the non-statutory sector they can extend their services by contracting some work to a voluntary agency - or two or more agencies may join forces to undertake a project in which each agency provides one aspect required by the funder.

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Hugh Fraser Foundation

The Hugh Fraser Foundation provides grants to non-profit organisations for charitable work in the UK, with a preference for Scotland. The Trustees favour smaller, more focused causes rather than large highly-publicised appeals.
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The Oak Foundation

Grants are available to not-for-profit organisations for projects that address issues of global, social and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged.
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