Evidence-based practice

What is evidence-based practice?

Evidence-based practice is a combination of practitioner expertise and knowledge of the best external research used evidence from evalutation. It involves a careful, clear and thoughtful use of up-to-date evidence when making decisions about how to work with individual parents. Evidence based practice also includes steps which a practitioner or service can use to ensure that everything they do is evidence based.“Finding out what works, and ensuring that the interventions we and others make in children’s lives are as good as they possibly can be”. (Lloyd, 1999)

Evidence based practice involves a practitioner bringing their own knowledge and skills together with best quality evaluation research to make a decision about selecting which programme or intervention is most appropriate to the parents and children they are working with.

There are five things that a practitioner needs to think about when they are engaging in evidence based practice:

  1. Evidence based theory
  2. Practitioner skills, qualities and knowledge
  3. Programme and practitioner fidelity
  4. Clear eligibility criteria
  5. The best research evidence base